Tuesday, June 8, 2010

II. Sweet Couple

Hari ini saya kerja closing. Saya dengan manager saje kerje, sebab hari ni monday, forcasted low sales. But now, the trend of having coffee and a good conversation after work is growing. So, macam bz gak la tudei.

Semenjak cuti sekolah ni, banyak betul kapel2 yg saya tengok. Kapel budak2 shuffle, kapel budak2 hip hop, kapel budak2 club, kapel budak2 rempit dan my faveret - kapel budak2 hingusan.

Dont get me wrong.

Saya pon pernah berchenta, banyak kali plak tu. Hahaha! And saya will always be in a relation ship, just recently baru merasa single life. So, slalu saya diobserve by others and now im in their shoes.

Waktu kapel2 dulu, pegang2 tangan, pinggang, bahu la. Turun escalator saya suka bila gf saya pelok saya dari belakang, rasa cam mesra. Tapi bila saya lak tengok orang lain buat camtu, rasa jealous pon ada. LOL. But the different is, saya rasa segan jugak bila ada auntie2 or uncles2 tengok2. So in that moment, saya usually will just hold hands or loosen my grip.

Tapi nowdays is different. Semua daring2. From their apparel down to their attitude. And sebab banyak sangat dah macam tuh, everything seems to be so normal. Once in awhile, we will stop and stare. But most of the time, we will just say - "hey, look. What a sweet couple".

But, hey, its a new era and maybe things look a lil different, but saya betul2 berharap supaya kita x luper asal usul kita. Being modern and all, doesnt mean that we need to copy others and forsaken what we are for the last hundred of years. Kan?

For those who are in a relation ship, i wish em all the best. For those yang baru2 nak berkapel, pandai2 la exploring your partner. This post wasnt meant to judge any of u out there. Its just an observation from me who had been there and done almost all of that.

Cherish what you have, because one day it will be gone.

Tribute to my parents. Ayah and Ma, 28 years of love and still going strong.

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